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Tayabad Peach Granite Stone

Tayabad Peach Granite Stone


Tayabad Peach Granite Stone

In this article, we are going to introduce one of the types of granite that is very  beautiful and different; Tayabad peach granite stone! Have you ever seen this beautiful stone? Stay with us until the end so that we can introduce you all the features of this stone.

What kind of stone is granite?

Granite is one of the hardest and most resistant stones, which is widely used in the construction industry. Therefore, due to its high resistance, it is used for high-traffic areas such as pavements. Granite is often used for flooring and wall frames due to its special elegance and shine.

Granite stone processing methods

As you know, granite stone has many applications and its processing method is different. In this section, we will introduce some methods of processing this stone.

Introduction of some granite stone processing methods


In this method, granite stones, including Tayabad peach granite, are
manufactured with a shiny and polished surface in different dimensions and sizes, such as: tiles, slabs, longitudinal, etc.


In this processing method, the surface of the stone is dull and cloudy, but the surface of the stone is smoothed and completely polished.

Bush Hammer:

In this processing method, the surface of the stone is not uniform, but has ridges.

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In this method, the surface of the stone is not uniform, but all the protrusions and roughness of the stone are removed.

Flame Leather:

This processing method is similar to the flame method, with the difference that the stone flame leather method has a more beautiful face.


Parallel cuts are made on the stone surface to prevent slipping. In addition to eliminating slippage, these cuts give a special effect to the appearance of the stone.

Broken Cut:

The only difference between this method and the cutting method is that after making cuts on the prominent surfaces of the stone, fractures are created for the beauty of the stone.

The façade of peach granite

Tayabad granite is very beautiful and eye-catching due to its bright enamel and coarse graining. You mostly see this stone in orange and brown colors. The beautiful and special color of this stone has made it known as peach granite.

Shopping time

Don’t be surprised if you see dark spots on Tayabad peach granite in the store. These black spots are called nodules, which are only seen in weak granites. So, in this case, it is better to pay close attention to the price of the stone; because this will reduce the price.

Types of Tayabad peach granite

In general, this stone with its warm and unique color has been able to find a good place in the market and among inland granite stones. This stone is introduced in the market with three names: distinguished, first-class and weak.

In terms of dimensions

This stone is available in different dimensions in the market, but the suppliers usually cut Tayabad peach granite in the form of tables, longitudinal, slabs and
tiles in different dimensions.

In terms of quality

You can see this stone in stores with different qualities, but in terms of quality, they classify it into three categories: distinguished, first-class and weak. Obviously, its quality affects the final price.

Tayabad Peach Granite Quarries

The source of Tayabad peach granite goes back to Razavi Khorasan
province. This beautiful stone is extracted from the quarries of Tayabad city; this city is on the border of Iran and Afghanistan.

Application of Tayabad granite

Since this stone has a very beautiful and special appearance, it is important to know its applications and use it in the right place; Therefore, people who are interested in this stone are looking to know its application in order to use this
stone in the right place.

Tayabad granite is mostly used in the following cases:

  •  Paving the interior and exterior of buildings
  • Paving area and sidewalks
  • Floor stone for commercial and residential units
  • Wall stone of commercial and residential units
  • Exterior and main view of buildings
  • Staircase body and stair stones
  • Parking floor and walls
  • Yard
  • parks
  • stone table

Use in making stone artifacts

Due to the beauty and high density of granite stones, they are the most used  in making stone artefacts. Although granite is more difficult to carve than other decorative stones, one of the reasons for choosing it in making stone artefacts is its beautiful and natural colors.

Tayabad peach granite and other granite stones are used in the construction of fountains, door phone stands, staircases, etc.

Tayabad peach granite stone

As you can see in the list above, according to its features, it is used both in the interior and exterior of the building and it is used in both spaces.
In the following, we will introduce the benefits of Tayabad peach stone. So stay with us until the end.

Advantages of Tayabad peach granite stone

These days, Tayabad peach granite has become one of the first choices for building; because it is a beautiful stone and at the same time strong and resistant!

This stone is considered a resistant stone with very low porosity; because it not only resists pressure and abrasion, but also has great resistance to cold, heat and impact.

In terms of beauty and facade

The polish ability of this stone is very good and its surface is also glossy  burnished; This has made Tayabad an attractive and beautiful stone.

Low water absorption!

One of the most important features of this stone is its low water absorption.

Disadvantages of Tayabad peach granite

In addition to many advantages Tayabad peach granite has, some
disadvantages. But the beauty and high quality of this stone has made it to  have many fans in the construction industry despite its disadvantages.

One of the most important disadvantages of this type of granite and other granite stones is its high weight, which increases the dead load of the building.

Another disadvantage of this product is the lack of adhesion with mortar. But to solve this problem, when installing it, they put a net behind the stone or install the stone to the wall with screws. Also, granite stones are not heat and sound insulation.

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Tayabad peach granite price

If you go to the store to buy this stone, don't be surprised by the different price range of this stone; because different parameters affect the price and can increase or decrease the final price. Some of these parameters are:

  • Dimensions and thickness: Granite stones are mainly used in flooring
    and building facades, so its thickness is very important. The thicker the
    stone and the larger its dimensions, the higher its price.
  • Quality and processing: The closer the granite analysis is to the desired
    value, the higher its quality. Also, the method of stone processing, block
    cutting, sandblasting, and even the extraction method play a role in
    determining its price.
  • Stone type and grade: Compared to other building stones, granite has a
    more uniform surface. Don't forget that the cleaner the surface of this
    stone is, the more valuable it is.