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Nehbandan orange granite

Nehbandan orange granite


Nehbandan orange granite

Nehbandan orange granite is granite with a bright flower color theme, where  black flowers are spread on the surface of the stone. Orange granite is one of
the best examples of Nehbandan stone and it is recommended to use this stone more for interior facades than paving stones.

Due to the presence of quartz mineral, which is also called silica; it causes rapid corrosion of the cutting parts of the saw and the stone cutting disc. In general, Nehbandan granite is offered in three color themes, cream, and gray and orange, of which orange granite is one of the most popular and widely used types.



Appearance and physical characteristics

  • Bright and widely used background color
  • The texture of the stone has almost coarse grains
  • Nehbandan orange granite has low water absorption
  • It has a uniform surface and excellent texture in facade painting
  • Very good flexibility during processing
  • It has high abrasion and pressure resistance against the applied
  • It has flame and polished surfaces
  • Resistant and tolerable against weather conditions and atmospheric
    changes in exterior facades
  • Mass production of Nehbandan granite is one of the most prominent
    features of this stone


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Application benefits

Among the advantages that have made this stone particularly popular are things like: variety of colors and designs, beautiful and shiny effect, color stability, low porosity, reasonable price, low water absorption, high strength, etc… Referred to.

Disadvantages of Nehbandan orange granite

    1. The weight of granite is high, and its use in the facade imposes a
      dead load on the building.
    2. Installation of this stone takes time due to the use of mortar for
    3. This stone is not a thermal and acoustic insulator, thus leading to
      energy wastage in the building.
    4. The adhesion of the granite to the mortar is weak, so over time
      they may separate from their place.
    5. The price of granite is more expensive compared to porcelain
      stone and travertine.

Analysis of Nehbandan orange granite


The desired

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Application of this type of granite

Nehbandan orange granite is the best option for use in the interior of the building due to its bright color theme, and this stone is also used in the exterior. Some of the application of this type of stone:

  1. Fireplace walls
  2. Toilets
  3.  Interior and exterior of hotels, arcades and commercial and residential
  4. Roof garden
  5. Landscaping
  6.  Internal walls
  7. The counter of public centers
  8. The stairs
  9. The space inside the kitchen and…

Note: It is not recommended to use granite in laboratory spaces and exposed to X-rays and gamma rays.

Sorting parameters

  • Not having tuber and shale
  • Accurate grading and minimal color play
  • Stone diameter
  • The square size of the stone


  • Burnishing
  •  Lack of chipping in stones

Quality check

The hardness and uniformity of granite is higher than limestone. The more uniform and finer the orange granite grains are, the higher the quality and durability.

This stone has the ability to be polished up to the mirror stage, and this has made it widely used in construction. Nehbandan orange granite is one of the most resistant stones after diamonds, precious stones and sapphires.

It is also more resistant than other building stones such as travertine and marble.

Nehbandan orange granite export

Exporting different types of granite can be one of the ways to bring about  foreign currency into the country. Considering the abundance of granite
quarries, it is very important to export them to the overseas.

High quality granite stones are quarried in Iran and many people of foreign countries are interested in granite. Also, the high variety of Iranian granite has attracted the attention of other countries.

Nehbandan orange granite is also in the group of export stones that are exported to Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, UAE, and Tajikistan.

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Cut dimensions

Granite stones have different dimensions, but they are usually cut into slab,  tile, length (plate) and grade (grade) dimensions and sent to the market. The export dimensions are also cut in full two centimeters for export. Special pallets are used to export this stone.

Price determining parameters

Two important parameters in determining the price of granite stones are the light color and the absence of nodes. If these two features are observed when buying a stone, you have to pay more.

The next thing that is preferred is the quality of processing, so that it is of high quality in terms of sub-cutting and other things, and its pricing is also higher than other varieties.

Another factor  that affects the price of Nehbandan orange granite stone is considering the size of the stone, according to its size, the price of this stone also

The gray type has less beauty and the  cheapest price, and the Portuguese color is the most beautiful and expensive type.

Nehbandan orange granite quarry

Nehbandan stones are among the most famous and well-known  minerals. South Khorasan province is one of the provinces that has many quarries.

Nehbandan granite quarries belonging to Nehbandan quarrying group are located in Chahdashi village, Shahkoh quarrying area, in South Khorasan province, Nehbandan city.

The granites that are quarried in Nehbandan city have a high variety. Also, this  city has many granite quarries.

Extraction methods

There are several methods for extracting decorative stones, which are chosen  according to the type of stone and the location of the quarry.

Also, among the factors that are influential in determining the type of extraction method, we can mention things such as: the ability to export, the method being in Iran and causing less damage to the reserves.

Among the methods of extracting this stone are parallel pit extraction, extraction with a stone machine. Hydro
mechanical extraction, extraction with steel cutting wire or diamond wire, and extraction with the help of chemical substances can be mentioned. However,
the most common mining method at present is mining with a stone cutting machine and a diamond wire.


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