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Osun orange granite stone

Orange sun

Mahtab Factory and manufacturing Group, with more than thirty years of experience and effective activity in the exploitation of quarries and processing of building Stones, is now proud to introduce its novel product, Osun orange granite (orange sun)

An orange granite stone has a large flower or so-called penne flower with peach and light orange color along with small black and white spots and speckles that are scattered on the surface of the stone.

It is one of the most attractive and flamboyant stones in the region, which gives an outstanding view to the building with its orange color.
Manufacturing Group of Factories & Stone Quarries of Mahtab
Franchise owner and operator of Osun orange granite quarry under the management of Maziar Zabihi.

Osun orange granite quarry

Geographically, Osun orange granite quarry is located in Tayabad region.

This area is very rich in terms of peach or orange granite reserves and has been exploited by hard workers of the stone trade union since  old time. The old stone name of this area is known as Tayabad peach granite.

The advantage of Osun orange granite
over Tayabad peach granite

Tayabad peach granite, despite its high quality and relatively good color, unfortunately, due to some problems, it did not find much success in the market and caused the displeasure of some engineers and architects working in the construction industry. Among these problems, there was a lot of color change in this stone.

Unprincipled extraction of granite

Unfortunately, due to the unprincipled extraction of peach granite and also the God given characteristic of the region, the stones were seen in several different colors.

From auburn and brown to peach, ecru, lemon, and sometimes even green!

This intensity of the play of color and non-uniformity of color in the projects is very harmful and annoying because the result of the work will not have good harmony and uniformity, and will not be eye-catching.

The existence of black node

Another problem of Tayabad peach granite was the presence of many black nodes with different dimensions in the stone.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of accuracy in manufacturing and the imposition of high costs on the processing units, there was no desire to separate these black nodes, which caused the harmony and uniformity of the work to be disturbed even more. This problem does not exist due to the higher quality of quarries in Osun orange granite.

Osun orange granite mountain and quarry

Osun’s main orange granite quarry is one of the most pristine and rare mountains and mineral ranges in the region over the past 25 years.

One of the advantages and unique features of this stone is the ease of supplying large quantities. In fact, there is no concern on the part of the buyer for the preparation of the stone, as well as on the part of the manufacturer for the preparation of the raw boulder and its processing.

Characteristics of Osun granite
  1. Osun orange graniteis one of the most uniform colored granites in the Middle East, which is very rare and unique in the category of colored granite stones.
  2. Also, Osun orange granitehas the least amount of black nodes and has been carefully processed in the factory to become one of the most beautiful peach-orange stones in the region.
  3. Osun orange granite stoneis one of the best and highest quality granites in Iran in terms of design and color as well as strength and resistance, which has caused a very high demand for this stone in the international market.
  4. According to the laboratory analysis, Osun orange granite stonehas achieved one of the highest ranks among granite stones in the whole world in terms of water absorption, abrasion resistance, compressive resistance, along with chemical resistance, which marks this stone one the most reliable stones for the use by architects and engineers.
  5. Fast and simple manufacturing and supply for large areas and large inland and foreign projects.
  6. The use of this color and design in the interior of the building creates an eye-catching and relaxing environment caused by its clear and cheerful color.
  7. By combining this stone with black or gray stones and using art and architectural knowledge, you can create incredibly beautiful and admirable environments.

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Orange sun

Osun orange granite at a glance

Generally, granite stones are used in high-scale and large-scale projects, such as airports, hospitals, offices, or hotels and industrial factories, due to their uniform design and role, as well as their high strength and durability.

Granites with a fine coarse design, which are popularly called salt pepper (or salt crystal) in the market. (Such as Mashhad pearl granite, Yazd red granite, Zahedan white granite, and Natanz granite)

Granites with fine coarse patterns, which are called cotton flowers. (Such as the orange granite of Osun , the peach granite of Tayabad, and the gray granite of Nehbandan)

Resistance to chemicals
Unique color (completely peach-orange)
In accordance with international standards
Very low water absorption
High strength
High abrasion resistance
Exclusive export feature

Osun orange granite stone

 Osun orange granite is manufactured in the Osun stone group due to the quality of the primary stone and the use of standard cutting and processing equipment, with unique features for sale in the inland market and stone export, which is mentioned in this section.

There are very few black nodes

The harmony of the color tonality in the final result of the stone implementation and the general view of the building

Ability to supply fast in high area

Exclusive exploitation of Osun stone group from Osun orange granite quarry

Unparalleled export processing quality

Using high-quality equipment and materials, standard stone processing for export

Uniformity in color

High Quality Mountain and stone quarry, engineering cuts and fundamental processing

Export of Osun orange granite

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Osun stone

Granite stone processing in the factory

There are several methods for manufacturing granite in specialized processing factories, the most common of which are:

  • Processing with peak devices on multi-disc (30 blades)
  • Processing with saw machines
  • Processing with multi-wire devices (the latest technology in the world for stone cutting machinery in the factory) 

In the rest of the cases, similar devices and methods are generally used, which only show differences in manufacturing accuracy and dimensional tolerance or manufacture volume. The most popular granite processing machines are manufactured in three countries: Iran, China and Italy.

Last word

The best and most up-to-date Iranian machines are being used in the Mahtab stone manufacturing group sites; we try to manufacture a perfect and excellent stone of an extremely beautiful and attractive one.

Osun orange granite is one of the greatest and highest quality granites in Iran in terms of design and color, as well as strength and resistance, which has caused a very high demand for this stone in the international market.

According to the laboratory analysis, Osun orange granite has one of the highest ranks among granite stones in the whole world in the matter of water absorption, abrasion resistance, compressive resistance, in addition to chemical resistance, which brands this stone one of the most reliable stones to be used by architects and engineers.