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Osan orange granite

Osan orange granite


Osun Orange Granite

Osun orange granite is a type of granite produced in Iran. Osun granite quarry is exclusively owned by Osun Group.

This type of granite is very similar to Tayabad granite. Osun orange granite stone has a large flower or so-called penne flower with peach and light orange color along with small black and white speckles that are scattered on the surface of the stone.

Due to the characteristics of Osun orange granite, this beautiful stone can be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces. This granite can be a good substitute for foreign granites. This type of granite is in the category of export stones and is exported in different forms to neighboring countries and other countries.

The history of the origin of granite

Granite is one of the most famous types of internal igneous rocks. Internal igneous rocks are formed by the cooling of molten material inside the earth's
crust. The gradual cooling of the molten rock is necessary to create the large crystals of a mineral found in granites. The sizes of speckles in granite are
proportional to how the molten material cools. Due to its texture and mineralogy, this stone has various designs and colors, each of which has its own beauty and application.

What are the characteristics of Osun granite?

  • This type of granite is resistant to different weather conditions such as acid
    rain, extreme cold, etc.
  • It shows the greatest resistance against any impact and scratch.
  • This type of granite, like other granites, has little water absorption.
  • It has a high sanding ability, so it can be polished to the extent of a mirror.
  • It has a special strength and beauty.
  • It is also resistant to pressure and wear.
  • Due to its unique color, it is suitable for interior and exterior.


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گرانیت پرتقالی اوسان

Osun orange granite miniature cube

Osun orange granite quarry

Osun orange granite quarry is located around Tayabad city. Tayabad is a border city between Afghanistan and Razavi Khorasan, where many quarries of peach and orange stones are located in this city.

It can be said that most of the orange granite manufactured in the country is extracted from the quarries of this city. Osun orange granite quarry is exclusively owned by Mahtab Stone

In addition to supplying the required granite inside the country, this group also exports various types of orange and peach granite to neighboring countries.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Osan orange granite?

As you know, Osun orange granite has advantages and disadvantages like other granites. But the disadvantages of this stone do not make it less popular
among users.

Despite the disadvantages of granites, we see that it is the most widely used type of stone in the construction industry. In this section, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of this type of granite.

Check out the benefits

  • Affordable and economical price compared to imported granites
  • High quality and durability
  • Beautiful and eye-catching coloring
  • Suitable for interior design
  • Mass production in the country

Check the disadvantages

  • This granite has a high weight like other granites
  • It has little adhesion with mortar and metal screws are used for its installation
  • Due to its high weight, it takes time to install
  • Thermal insulation is not suitable

Parameters for determining the quality of this granite

Osun orange granite is produced and supplied with the best quality in our collection. But what parameters are considered in determining the quality of this type of granite?

Among the factors that are effective in determining the  quality of Osun orange granite, there are things like: the absence of pits and nodes on the surface of the stone, precise sorting and minimal play of color, the fact that this stone has different dimensions, the diameter of the stone, the burnishing of the stone and the lack of chip. Referred to know the price of this product, contact the listed numbers.

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گرانیت پرتقالی اوسان

Osan peach-orange granite depot

Osun orange granite applications

The special features of Osun orange granite have made the use of this granite popular in the construction industry. Osun orange granite gives a special effect
to your building due to its beautiful color theme. The uses of Osun orange granite are as follows:

  • Application in the inner wall of the building, including the parapet of the
  • Suitable for use in the flooring of office, commercial and residential
  • Use as a stepping stone
  • Application in the form of table stones or blocks
  • Cobblestones for sidewalks and high-traffic areas
  • Use in the main facade of the building
  • Paving of the yard and parking lots