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Tayabad orange granite

Tayabad orange granite


Tayabad orange granite

Tayabad orange granite is one of the domestically produced granites, which
has a level surface and good polishing. This type of granite is known as
orange, peach and sometimes pink Tayabad granite. Tayabad orange granite
has a peach or orange background with black and white spots. This stone is in the category of fine-grained stones, and due to its high strength and resistance, it is usually used in busy roads. The quarry of this granite is located near the border city of Tayabad, which is located between Iran and Afghanistan. Orange granite is processed and exported in raw form. By reason of its special and attractive color theme, it is the most widely used; compared to other domestically produced granites.

Physical features

If there is potassium feldspar in the ingredients of pink granite, the color of the granite will be orange or peach. This granite has a unique and stunning beauty compared to the orange granite stones of Zanjan and Khoramdareh.
Therefore, it attracts the attention of users in the construction industry. The striking beauty of this stone and its glassiness has made it stand out in the interior and exterior of buildings.

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In terms of strength and resistance

Most granite stones have good strength and resistance. Tayabad orange granite is also considered as one of the strong and resistant stones. This stone withstands a lot of pressure and is also resistant to impact and heat.
One of the most important reasons why this stone is used in the paving of halls (Cobblestone), subways and sidewalks is its strength and resistance. It also has a long lifespan and is resistant to ablation.

General characteristics

In addition to its resistance and appearance, Tayabad orange granite has other inherent characteristics. It has low water absorption and it can usually be noted that it can be erected in any environment.

It has high polishing ability, so that this stone can be burnished to the point of being glassy. Importantly, with
all these good features, this category of granite is not a non-conducting and sound insulation and has a high weight.


Reviewing the processing steps of granite stones

As you know, the stones that are extracted from the quarry in raw form cannot be used. These stones become consumer products through certain procedures. In this section, we review the processing steps of granite stones.

Block cutting process

The first step after stone extraction is its cutting process. In order to produce stone in different dimensions, the piece of stone extracted from the quarry must be cut in order to prepare it for supply in the market.

Different methods are used in block cutting. One of the most common methods is to use various
types of saws to cut stone. Block cutting may be done by chain saw block cutter for hard stone, chain saw block cutter for soft stone, multi disk block cutter.

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Burnishing and stone polishing

After the cutting process, it is time for the burnish process and stone polishing. In this step, the surface of the stone is polished, the extra surfaces in the stone are removed, and this process continues until the surface of the stone is leveled.

Note that the burnishing and polishing of the stones is different depending on the type of stone. Special heads are used for burnishing and
polishing each stone.

The main application of Tayabad orange granite

Compared to limestone and other decorative stones, Tayabad orange granite is the most used in the design of the interior and exterior of the building. Its reason is its high resistance and strength in different environmental conditions and its low erosion in high traffic places. With the capabilities of this stone, it can be used anywhere in the house. The main uses of this stone are as follows:

  • Paving the office, commercial and residential buildings
  •  Paving yard and parking lots
  • Use in home interior decoration design
  • Application in wet places of the house such as: bathroom and toilet
  • Application in the façade of the building
  • Making stone artifacts
  • As a stair stone and application in the parapet of the stairs

Tayabad orange granite price inquiry

Extraction and processing of granite is very expensive, hence the price of this  stone is higher than travertine or marble.

Also, the grading of Tayabad orange granite in higher grades has increased the price of this stone among decorative and construction stones.

Due to the fluctuations of the currency
market, contact us for information on the price or order of this product.

Parameters for determining the price of this product:

  • Stone sorting
  • Extraction methods
  • Stone quality
  • Stone dimensions and thickness
  • And shipping costs