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Group of Mahtab Stone Quarries & Manufacturing Factories

Owner and operator of Osun orange granite quarry

Khorasan Stone Consortium legal member
Owner of the only orange granum quarry in the Middle East

Our products
Specialized manufacture of all kinds of granite stones with modern and high-tech machines..

Manufacturing in all types of sizes and thicknesses, including counter and cabinet 60 and 50 – 3 cm and 2 cm stairs – 60 and 70 width, long and custom, etc.

Mashhad pearl granite – Osun orange granite – Nehbandan

Osun orange granite

Nehbandan Granite 

ویژگی محصولات تولیدیFeatures of the products, manufactured by Mahtab factories and quarries

Beauty along with quality; Precision and durability

All the products of Mahtab stone factories and quarries are manufactured using professional and engineering block cutting and polishing machines.
We are proud to manufacture export quality products for the inland and foreign markets.


Preserve the authenticity of the stone:

Showing the beautiful and natural effect of the stone in the polishing and cutting process while maintaining the stone image.


Precision manufacturing and engineering

برشCutting tiles and slabs very precisely with ten millimeters accuracy. Specialized burnish and polish,

About us

Group of Mahtab Stone Quarries & Manufacturing Factories

Franchise owner and operator of Osun orange granite quarry, the only orange granite quarry in the Middle East.

The beginning of the work resume of this group can be considered in the field of extracting and contracting Coop stone from the porcelain quarries of Kalate Qadam, Gonabad porcelain, Bojnoord marble, Sabzevar marble, Tayabad peach granite. Since 2003, Mahtab Stone manufacturing group has  started its activity with the exclusive manufacturing of porcelain stone and travertine.

In 2009, he continued his activity in the field of specialized manufacturing of various types of granite by building a new factory. In 2015, this group introduced a unique stone to the architectural and engineering community of the country and other parts of the world with the discovery and operation of the unique quarry ” Osun Orange Granit/ Granum.


The only orange granite quarry in the Middle East

Osun orange granite

Orange Sun

Osun orange granite quarry

Type of mineral: orange-peach granite, super grade

Definite reserve: 2 million tons

Annual extraction: 36 thousand tons

Examples of performed projects

Completed projects

Design, supply of stone and implementation in private and state projects in the implementation phase from small to mass construction and huge construction projects of the country. Including models of Group of Mahtab Stone Quarries & Manufacturing Factories


⸻ Services and export production

Packaging and
export production

Group of Mahtab Stone Quarries & Manufacturing Factories with its many years of experience and having unique and unparalleled mineral resources and experienced and committed personnel, along with up-to-date and high-quality machines, is ready to produce both export and inland stones with the best quality in addition to all sorts of dimensions.

We believe that the full capacity of a system can be used for quality manufacturing, and in the meantime, everyone involved will delight in the final outcome and everyone will benefit.


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