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Flaming and analysis

Flaming and analysis


Flaming of granite stone

Flame is an English word that means to set fire. This is one of several
methods of polishing on stone and also one of the best methods of creating
This method is used to remove the uneven surfaces on the Morvarid granite of
Mashhad and to create a beautiful facade and surface of the stone, which is
mostly done on granite stones due to the fact that granite stone has different
degrees of expansion.
Of course, other stones that have high resistance to heat, such as marble, use
this method to create texture on their surfaces.

The use of laminated granite stone

One of the uses of flaked stone is to use it as a stepping stone, as well as to
prevent slipping and use it in the open space.
Although in the past, granite stones were less used in outdoor environments
due to the fact that when exposed to moisture and water, it caused a lot of
slippery and dangerous, but nowadays, by using the flaming method, the
slippery surface of the stone is removed. It is reduced and used in the
environment and outer space.
The result of flaming Mashhad Morvarid granite is to create a stone with a
textured and rough surface, and because the surface of the stone is textured
and rough, its surface becomes more frictional, and for this reason, in the
outdoor environment, such as street pavements, they use it.

Flaming is done in two ways:

  • Manual proccess
  • Automatic machine

The choice of these methods depends on the opinion of the employer and the
experience of the expert.

Analysis of Morvarid granite of Mashhad

The basis of the analysis of Mashhad Morvarid granite is its degree of
porosity, which affects its quality. Granite stone is offered in different qualities.
The quality of stones has different grades, which include 1st grade, premium
grade, and export stone. This stone is available in the market as tiles in
different dimensions such as 80 x 40, 60 x 40 and 40 x 40 cm. Its pricing is
based on stone size and area. Of course, different thicknesses have different
uses. For example, the thickness of 17 mm is used for the exterior of the
house, such as wall stone, paving stone, etc.

In addition to the mentioned items, the use of Mashhad Morvarid granite is in
the flooring of passages, main and side facades of buildings, tables, sidewalks
next to houses, parking lot pavements, etc.

The ability to cut and polish is one of the most important features of granite.
For this reason, in some categories of rocks, any igneous rock that can be
easily cut and polished is considered a part of granite rocks.