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Mashhad pearl

Mashhad pearl


Introduction of Mashhad pearl

Morvarid of Mashhad is a stone with a gray color theme with white and sometimes black grains. This stone is extracted from the quarries of Razavi Khorasan province.

This stone has more water absorption than other granite stones, but it has less water absorption compared to marble and travertine. The most obvious features of this stone are uniformity, reasonable price, bright color theme and mass production.

This stone is in the category of cotton flower stones. Black spots or white speckles can be seen in weak varieties of Morvarid of Mashhad. This product is cubic, longitudinal, and tabular. It is manufactured
and processed in our collection.

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The quality and durability of Morvarid of Mashhad

Pearl granite of Mashhad is one of the most famous domestically produced granites. This type of stone has a good position in terms of quality and durability compared to marble and travertine. As you know, granite stones have high hardness and longevity, which is the
most important advantage of this type of stone.

However, compared to other types of granite, Morvarid granite of Mashhad has less resistance. Despite this, its quality and durability are the same as other granite stones, and it also has a more reasonable price.

The reason for choosing granite stones

Today, natural stones such as Morvarid of Mashhad and other types of granite are most widely used in construction. But what is the reason for choosing natural stones?

Why are these types of stones particularly popular among users?
Durability and longevity: As you know, due to the constituent elements in natural stones, these stones have high properties and durability.

  • Heat resistance: These types of stones have a very high resistance to heat, so they do not change color or get damaged when they come into contact with a hot object.
  • Variety in design and color: Natural stones have a high variety and it can be said that one of the most important reasons for choosing this type of stone is the variety in their design and color.
  • Resistant to chemicals: if chemicals are poured on the granite stones, they will not be damaged.
  • Intrinsic characteristics: All the characteristics of these types of stones are intrinsic and they are provided to the consumer in the same way as they are extracted.
  • Resistance to water penetration: granite stones have very little porosity, which makes them resistant to water and moisture penetration
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant: granite stones are made of hard and resistant materials that make this type of stone resistant to scratches and abrasion. Therefore, granite is used in the floors of houses and stairs.

In the stone industry and these days when the most important principle for choosing the type of stone after the quality is its price, choosing a stone whose price is inexpensive is very desired by buyers.

Price is one of the competitive factors for the popularity of stone
and when a stone with both high quality and a good price becomes very competitive and takes the lead.

Mashhad Morvarid granite is one of the best-selling granites that has many fans. If you know the stones and their appearance remains in your mind, you know that Mashhad Morvarid stone is very similar to Natanz white granite, Nehbandan and Borujerd granite , which They can be distinguished from the fine texture of Morvarid of Mashhad.

The most important applications:

Like other granite stones, Morvarid of Mashhad granite is very resistant to  environmental conditions, impact and pressure. Also, this stone is the most widely used granite stone because it can be used in all internal and external parts of the building. The most important applications of Morvarid of Mashhad :

  • Use on the kitchen counter
  • Paving the internal and external areas of the building
  •  Use in the facade of commercial, residential and office centers
  • The possibility of using it in the design of interior decoration of houses
  • Use as walls of stairs and stepping stones and…

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Export of this product

Mahtab Stone collection has the honor of being the representative of Iran in exporting the best granites with high quality.

Mass export of this type of granite is carried out to countries such as Iraq, Syria, Turkmenistan, CIS basin countries and other neighboring countries.

The standard packaging of the granites produced in this collection is strong and portable, and provides the possibility of sending all over the country and exporting to foreign countries.

The use of Mashhad pearl stone in integrated paving stones in Shiraz


  • Water absorption and purity: :

    One of the features that you should know before buying Morvarid of Mashhad is the presence of iron in this stone, which causes the iron to oxidize and rust if it is exposed to
    constant high humidity.

    Therefore, it can affect the appearance of this stone and reduce its beauty. Therefore, if you live in cities with high humidity and rainfall, it is not recommended to use this stone, and it is
    better to keep this important point in mind before ordering and buying.

  • Another feature of this stone is the very reasonable price of Morvarid of Mashhad, which is one of the least expensive stones in Iran.

Mashhad pearl price

Morvarid of Mashhad has an inexpensive and reasonable price due to its production inside Iran; even it is included in the low-cost granite stones. But there are various factors influencing the price of this stone. The following refers to the most important factors affecting the price of Morvarid in Mashhad.

  1. Its size and dimensions
  2. Manufacturing quality


  3. Type of stone quality and grading
  4. Being a stone
  5. Transportation and relocation
  6. Without tubercles and shale stones

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