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Morvarid Granite Stone of Mashhad

گرانیت مروارید مشهد
Morvarid Granite Stone of Mashhad
گرانیت مروارید مشهد
Mashhad Morvarid Granite Carpet
سنگ گرانیت مروارید مشهد
Mashhad Morvarid Granite Stair Stone
گرانیت مروارید مشهد
Mashhad Morvarid Granite Longitudinal Tile

Introducing Mashhad morvarid granite

Mashhad granite stone, which is also called Mashhad Morvarid granite , is one of the types of granite stone that is placed in the category of salt pepper or fine aggregates. Mashhad Morvarid granite stone has a gray spectrum in appearance and small white and black shells. If you are looking for a stone to use that is both bright granite and the price is suitable, you can choose Mashhad Morvarid granite; but it should be noted that this stone has very high water absorption and low abrasion resistance.

If you use it on the exterior part of the building, due to the absorption of water from rain and snow, it is better to know that it will take a day for your stone to return to its original color, and in the meantime, there is a possibility of dandruff and rust. So it is better to use it on the floor of the parking lot or indoor and dry place. 

Introducing Mashhad Morvarid Granite

Granite stone is actually a type of internal igneous rock, which is also called Bukhara stone. In appearance, this stone has medium to coarse grains, and in terms of color, it is the mineral and chemistry of the stone that determine its color. Mostly you see this stone in pink, gray, gray and black colors..

Granite Resistance

If you have noticed, the most used stone in buildings and the construction industry is granite. The reason is clear: the resistance of granite stone is much higher than travertine and marble, and in addition, its polished and shiny surface is better preserved.


اسلب گرانیت مروارید مشهد

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Impressive Durability and Beauty

Today, granite stone has become the first option in the interior and exterior design of the building. The use of granite stone in the pricing of buildings is impressive. Morvarid granite of Mashhad is naturally extracted from quarries. This type of granite has a bright theme and a beautiful and Smooth design and is one of the stones that does not need design.

The Facet of Mashhad Morvarid Granite

From the series of distinctive features of this type of granite, the following can be mentioned:

  • Uniformity in grading in high grade sorts
  • Bright color theme
  •  Mass production
  • Very reasonable price

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As you know, the Morvarid granite of Mashhad is the best option for building facade designs due to its wide use and reasonable price. To place orders for this product, you can contact the numbers listed on our website. Direct and unmediated sale of the best Morvarid granite of Mashhad in the form of cubes, steps, paving stones, longitudinal, etc.

Mashhad morvarid granite export

Mahtab Stone group has the honor of being the representative of Iran in exporting the best granites with high quality. Mass export of this type of granite is carried out to countries such as Iraq, Syria, Turkmenistan, CIS basin countries and other neighboring countries. The packaging standard of the granites produced in this collection is strong and portable and provides the possibility of sending to the whole country and exporting to foreign countries. 

Mashhad Morvarid granite usually has a thickness of 15 to 16 mm and is usually 40 or 60 cm in size; and it is mostly used to cover floors or stairs. The price of Mashhad Morvarid granite is relatively reasonable and low, and the reason is its high water absorption and low compressive strength. As mentioned, with a little rain, the color of the stone will change and it will take some time to return to its original state. 

The Price of Morvarid Granite in Mashhad

The price of Mashhad granite or Mashhad Morvarid granite depends on various factors, some of which include the following:

  • The type of mine in terms of quality and color has a great impact on the price of stone.
  • Pay attention that clean stones, seamless and clear, have a higher price.
  • As it is known, the thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
  • Size of the stone: The bigger the size of your stone, the more expensive it will be.
  • The quality of stone processing in terms of cutting and cutting will affect the price of stone.

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گرانیت مروارید مشهد

Granite in Building Construction

As you know, the uses of this stone are many and different, but in building construction, it is most used in the following cases:

  • Paving area of ​​commercial and , office units
  • Internal stonework and staircases of buildings
  • Paving stones for parking lots and roads
  • Yard floor stone and landscaping and ramp entrance. 

Mashhad Granite Quarry

Mashhad Morvarid granite quarry, with a monthly extraction of more than 120,000 tons and a reserve of about 10,000,000 tons, is located in Khorasan Razavi province of Mashhad city.

This province is one of the few provinces with quarries and deposits of all kinds of stones in Iran. Mashhad granite is one of the most popular and used building stones that are prepared, produced and supplied in the quarries of Khorasan Razavi province.

Among the most important features of this stone, we can mention the white color theme with shell flowers, beautiful and special harmony, reasonable price and high mass production of this stone. 

گرانیت مروارید مشهد
گرانیت مروارید مشهد

Why Mashhad Morvarid Granite?

Compared to all the stones that are extracted and supplied in this province, Mashhad granite has a much more reasonable price; because all parts of the extracted stone can be used optimally and completely; in this way, we will see less deviation.

In addition, due to the fact that this stone is basically pseudo-granite, cutting and polishing Morvarid granite is much simpler and easier than other stones, and exactly this has a direct effect on the price and reduces the selling price. 

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Flame Work of Granite Stone

Flame is an English word that means to set fire. This is one of several methods of polishing on stone and also one of the best methods of creating texture.

This method is used to remove the uneven surfaces on the Morvarid granite of Mashhad and to create a beautiful facade and surface of the stone, which is mostly done on granite stones due to the fact that granite stone has different degrees of expansion.

Additionally , other stones that have high resistance to heat, such as marble, use this method to create texture on their surfaces.


The Use of Flamed Granite Stone

One of the uses of flamed stone is to use it as a stepping stone, as well as to prevent slipping and use it in the open space.

Although in the past, granite stones were less used in outdoor environments due to the fact that when exposed to moisture and water, it caused a lot of slippery and dangerous, but nowadays, by using the flame method, the slippery surface of the stone is removed. It is reduced and used in the environment and outer space.

The result of Flaming Mashhad Morvarid granite is to create a stone with a textured and rough surface, and due to the fact that the surface of the stone is textured and rough, its surface becomes more frictional, and for this reason, they use it in the outdoor environment, such as street pavements.Flaming is done in two ways:
• Manual and machine,
The choice of these methods can be determined depending on the opinion of the employer and the experience of the expert.

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