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Orange granite

Orange granite


Introducing orange granite

Orange granite has a light pink and orange color quality with black spots that  are scattered in the surface cut of the stone.

Orange granite stone is extracted from quarries in different designs and different color ranges. Mahtab factory and manufacturing complex, with more than thirty years of experience and effective activity in the exploitation of mines and processing of building
stones, is now proud to introduce its new product, Osun orange granite (orange sun).

Osun orange granite stone has a large flower or so-called penne flower with peach and bright orange color along with small black and white seeds that are
scattered on the surface of the granite. It is one of the most beautiful and colorful stones in the region, which gives an original effect to the building with its orange color.

Mineralogy of Orange Granite

Orange granite owes its color theme to the presence of orthoclase mineral, which is the main component that determines the color of this stone. Orthoclase mineral which belongs to the feldspar family.

The main composition of this mineral includes potassium silicate, which causes orange and purple color. Also, the degree of purity and impurity of this mineral creates a color range from red to peach and orange to pink.

Black grains are a variety of amphibole and mica minerals and other metallic minerals such as magnetite.

The overall texture of these stones is almost
uniform. Osun orange granite has almost the same color and texture, but instead its color texture is more orange. Also, streaks of quartz create a milky and white color in this stone.

Category or Sort

Granite stones do not have many sorting and their grading is often in 2 or 3 sorts. The parameters that determine the grade and quality of granite are :

  1. Granite type
  2. Not having tuber and paddy
  3. color sort
  4. Stone diameter
  5. The square size of the stone
  6. Burnishing quality
  7. Lack of chip in the stones
  8. Shipping method

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Appearance characteristics of orange granite

Orange granite is one of the hardest granite stones with large grains of pink color and tending to orange. This stone is known by other names such as peach granite and sometimes pink granite in the market.

This coarse-grained granite with its uniform surface is one of the new granite stones, and because of its similarity to foreign granites, it can be a good substitute for imported granites. In addition to the orange grains, this stone has medium white grains. The color is next to the small black grains, which are spread evenly throughout
the surface of the stone.


Orange granite is cut in all dimensions of tiles and slabs, small loads,  longitudinal and slabs. Due to the hardness and strength of this stone, all kinds of finishing can be done on it.

The features of this stone include the following :

  • Resistant to weather conditions
  •  Impact resistant, scratch resistant
  • Resistant to pressure, wear
  • Dense, strong
  • Very little water absorption


  • High flexibility


Orange granite has many uses, including floor covering, wall covering, stepping stone and facade stone, and can also be used in the interior and exterior of the building.

  • Cobblestone
  •  Interior and exterior view
  • All kinds of counters, counters, islands, cabinets
  • Elevator floor
  • Parking lot and ramp

Orange granite quarry

Geographically, Osan orange granite quarry is located in Tayabad region. This area is very rich in terms of peach or orange granite reserves and has been exploited by industrious people of the stone trade since ancient times. The old stone name of this area is known as Tayabad peach granite.

The main orange granite quarry of Osun is one of the most pristine and rare mountains and mineral ranges in the region during the past 25 years. One of the advantages and unique features of this stone is the ease of supplying large quantities. In fact, there is no concern on the part of the buyer for the preparation of the stone, as well as on the part of the producer for the
preparation of the raw cup and its processing.

The price of orange granite

Being clean and free from glands, along with the quality of its processing (such as cutting and polishing, squaring, etc.), thickness, height and quality of the stone are among the things that have a direct impact on the price of orange granite.


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Granite export

Osan orange granite with the inherent quality of its stone and ore, along with  the precise and sensitive processing that is carried out in the Mahtab Stone
collection on the Osun brand stone, creates a product with export quality, which is exported to countries such as Syria, Turkmenistan, Iraq and CIS countries.

Orange granite from Osun quarry is one of the high-quality Iranian granite stones, which has easily opened its place in the field of stone export and has many customers and fans in the countries of Western Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Osun orange granite mine is exclusively owned by Sang Mahtab, which, by having modern tools and high-quality raw materials, has been able to obtain 103 luxuries in the field of stone glass processing.

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Osan Orange Granite Stone