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Cream Nehbandan granite stone

Cream Nehbandan granite stone


Cream Nehbandan Granite Stone

Mahtab Stone production Site, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of quarrying and processing building stones, is one of the largest producers of Cream Nehbandan granite in Isfahan.

In this article, join us to introduce you to granite, its types, its uses, and Cream Nehbandan granite.

Introduction of granite stone

Granite stone (Latin root) or its other name (Sang Khara) are stones that are formed in the heart of the earth under extreme pressure ; and very high temperature and flow to the surface of the earth along with molten materials in the environmental process , under special conditions.

Façade of Granite Stones

The design and texture of the minerals of these stones generally have coarse and medium grain size and they are found naturally with different colors and designs in the environment and generally in mountainous areas. They have many different colors, including peach, orange, green, black, pink, red, yellow, blue, brown, gray, white, gray, purple, auburn, etc. In some cases, they have a combination of different colors; We are free to choose and use.


The Application of Granite Stones

As above mentioned, we can see that different types of granite stones are one of the most economical and best choices of engineers and architects for applying in different places of the building with different functions and features.

The best places for use are generally in the facade and interior areas of the building, such as the floor, wall, parking lot, staircase, roof, and private yard.

Many types of granite have been used in the floors and walls of sheds and industrial environments, or the floors of hospitals and laboratories.


Introducing Cream Nehbandan Granite

Cream Nehbandan or Nehbandan granite has a light background with a gray, cream Nehbandan and orange background theme. This stone is also called cotton flower granite. The slight difference between this stone and other granite models is the coarser grading in appearance.


Features of Cream Nehbandan granite

The lower grades of Nehbandan granite have black and gray spots. The following are the most important features of this stone:

  • Subsistence
  • High compressive and abrasion resistance
  • Low water absorption

Cream Nehbandan granite has high and good resistance against atmospheric factors such as acid rain, alkaline substances, cold and heat and even impact and pressure in certain conditions.

In the following, we will explain to you the uses of Cream Nehbandan granite and its types; So stay with us until the end.

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Applications of Nehbandan granite

As mentioned, this stone is strong and resistant to pressure; therefore, you can use this stone for paving. Paving of commercial and office buildings, parking lot paving and even the interior and exterior design of buildings.


Applications of Cream Nehbandan Granite in General

  • The paving of the interior of the building
  • The paving of the exterior of the building
  • Paving area and sidewalks
  • Paving industrial, sanitary and food sheds
  • Exterior and main view
  • The walls and floor of the parking lot
  • Staircase body and stair stones
  • stone table
  • kitchen floor
  • Stone on the cabinet

An Interesting Point about Granite

This is worth mention that we generally do not use this stone in the facade of the building! Because cream Nehbandan granite has heavy weight and dense texture. As a result, this density causes the mortar not to stick to the stone and eventually causes the stone to fall from the facade.

Dimensions of Nehbandan  Cream Granite

This stone is usually sold in the dimensions of slabs, tiles, plaques and even in cubic cotton flower samples.


Determining parameters of granite stone quality

  • type of stone
  • Not having tuber and paddy
  • Accurate sorting and minimal color play
  • Stone diameter
  • The size of the stone is huge
  • Polishing stone

Types of Nehbandan Granite

Astan Nehbandan granite, Cream Nehbandan granite, Kojin Nehbandan granite, Orange Nehbandan granite and Ahrar Nehbandan granite are all types of Nehbandan granite.

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Different methods of extracting Nehbandan granite

There are usually different methods for extracting building stones, which are various from extracting minerals. Some of these methods have been around since the past. Nehbandan granite is a mineral that is extracted by different methods.

The first method:

The diamond wire cutting method is the first method of granite extraction. In this method, two holes are created vertically on the granite stone, and then according to the dimensions of the block of stones, the place where the holes are supposed to be placed on the stone is created.
After that, the diamond wires should be passed through the holes and finally the cutting device that is on the rails moves, which causes the diamond wire to be stretched and the stone is cut.

The second method:

The next method or the second method of extracting Nehbandan granite stone should be dug or created holes on the stone with regular distances from each other and in the same direction. These holes should be aligned and parallel to each other.
Among the other methods used is the use of hydraulic hammers, wedges, sledgehammers, and explosives.


Nehbandan Granite Quarries

Nehbandan granite quarries located in Nehbandan city in South Khorasan province are located in several quarries. The monthly output of these quarries as the main supplier of granite stones is several thousand tons of this stone. After extracting the stone from the quarries, the blade goes through the processing steps, each of these processing methods, such as tabular, film and cubic, have their own different and special uses. For example, film-type processing is used for the stone of the floor of the stairs, and for the paving stone of the garden and the yard, the stone that is cubically processed is used.