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Pearl Granite of Mashhad

Pearl Granite of Mashhad


Pearl Granite of Mashhad

Pearl granite of Mashhad is known as cotton flower granite with a bright color theme. As the name of this stone suggests, this type of granite is extracted
from the quarries of Khorasan province.

Pearl granite has a light gray  background, on the surface of which wide graining can be seen in white, shell  black and sometimes gray colors. Pearl granite of Mashhad is very similar to white granite of Nehbandan, Borujerd and Natanz. The texture of this type of granite is formed by small and sharp grains. Also, it has a more reasonable price than other granites and is a good alternative to travertine and marble stones.

This widely used granite is called the most economic stone of Iran, whose export to neighboring countries is also prosperous and has many fans.

Considering its disadvantages, taking into account the weather conditions, it is possible to make a good choice about this beautiful stone. Our experts are
ready to advise you.

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The appearance of Pearl granite of Mashhad

As you know, granite is one of the most popular and useful stones in the construction industry. Although it has a higher price than other stones, it is of
interest to users because it has a high variety of colors and gives a special effect to your building. Pearl granite of Mashhad is a type of granite with a bright color theme. The pattern on Mashhad pearl granite is known as cotton flower or salt pepper. This granite is in the category of granites with a bright theme, on the surface of which black grains of shell are widespread.

High resistance and quality

One of the prominent characteristics of granite stones is the high quality and resistance of this type of stone. The constituent elements of granite make it a hard and durable stone.

Pearl Granit of Mashhad has high hardness and longevity, and it has high resistance to environmental conditions, impact and erosion compared to terracotta stone and marble stone. Also, granite stones are higher in quality than other decorative stones.

General features of pearl granite of Mashhad

Like other granites, Mashhad pearl granite has all the properties found in granite. The following refers to the general characteristics of this type of

  • High resistance to pressure, impact, erosion and abrasion
  • Higher water absorption than other granites
  • It has low resistance to chemicals
  • Clarity and beauty
  • The price is right
  • Mass production

Pearl granite of Mashhad and disadvantages

Mashhad pearl granite stone has advantages and disadvantages like other granite stones. Despite the disadvantages of this stone, it is very popular among users and is still widely used in construction.

Among the disadvantages of this type of granite and other types of granite stones are their high weight.
For example, among the disadvantages of Tayabad granite, we can mention things like: rusting of the iron element in granite, its high weight and low adhesion with mortar.

Also, the rest of the granite stones have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are fully explained in the article dedicated to them, which will help you to choose, dear customers.

Mashhad pearl has higher water absorption than other granites, but compared to travertine, it has little water absorption. This type of granite is not a good thermal insulator and is not very resistant to chemicals.

This stone has little adhesion with mortar and metal screws are usually used to install them. In general, it is not recommended to use granite in hospitals.

Application of this type of granite

Among the uses of Mashhad pearl granite, the following can be mentioned:

  • Application in the interior and exterior of buildings
  • Application in paving stones of commercial and office complexes
  • Paving sidewalks and parking lots
  • In staircases and staircase walls
  • Making stone artefacts
  • In open rock

Cubic stones can also be used in making tables and gardens.

It should be noted that if you decide to use Mashhad pearl granite on the exterior of the building, considering that this stone has high water absorption properties, after rain and snow it may take a few days for this stone color to return to its original state.

There is also the possibility of dandruff and rust.  Although this stone is used on the exterior of the building, it is not approved at all, it may be your choice
because of the reasonable price, but with these mentioned conditions, make a decision about choosing it for this use.

The reasonable price of pearl granite of Mashhad

Khorasan province has many quarries and deposits of all kinds of stones, the main of which is granite. Pearl granite quarries of Mashhad are also located in
Khorasan province. Mashhad pearl is one of the stones that can be used from all its extracted parts. The process of cutting and polishing these stones is

easier than other stones. Extracting this stone is very helpful. All these reasons have caused it to have a cheaper price among granites.
Also, the simplicity in the mass production of this stone is one of the reasons for its popularity, which has made its price affordable and many customers are looking for it.

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Mashhad pearl granite exports

As you know, Mashhad pearl is the least expensive and most economical stone in Iran. If you are familiar with its disadvantages and have done the necessary checks to buy pearl granite of Mashhad.

This unique acceptance of this granite in Iran has attracted the attention of foreign customers who have come to look for this granite stone. Exports of Mashhad pearl granite are exported to neighboring countries and Central Asia in the form of cubes, flames and stone slabs.

Analysis of pearl granite of Mashhad

The basis of the analysis of Mashhad pearl granite is its degree of porosity, which affects its quality. Granite stone is offered in different qualities. The quality of stones has different grades, which include 1st grade, premium grade, and export stone.

This stone is available in the market as tiles in different dimensions such as 80 x 40, 60 x 40 and 40 x 40 cm. Its pricing is based on stone size and area.

Of course, different thicknesses have different application. For example, the thickness of 17 mils is used for the exterior of the house, such as stone walls, paving stones, etc.

In addition to the mentioned items, the use of pearl granite of Mashhad is in the flooring of passages, main and side facades of buildings, tables, sidewalks
next to houses, parking lot pavements, etc.

The ability to cut and polish is one of the most important features of granite. For this reason, in some categories of rocks, any igneous rock that can be easily cut and polished is considered a part of granite rocks.


Pearl granite of Mashhad is processed and produced in tabular, cubic, and longitudinal form. It is possible to order this stone in bulk and in parts.

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